Introducing “Degustation to Share”

Daily, Deer Duck Bistro receives your kind comments and wishes, and hears how our venue is impacting the lives of many people we welcome. Our venue is a popular first date spot, also a frequent place to “meet the parents”. Perhaps sometimes, an establishment, where a doting millennial takes grandpa for a pint. Or where a regular finds comfort. Surely, there are also many celebrations: anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays. Maybe someday someone will propose?

 Members of our community support our restaurant every day, while enjoying our constantly developing and delicious offerings. And with a success in our business comes an opportunity to give back and create a positive impact. We are so delighted to be unconsciously giving back to guests simply by existing, providing a place where people’s lives are lived out.

Throughout the years, Deer Duck Bistro has been supporting a number of causes: from supporting the environment and Australian wildlife to Australian disabled & sick children and police force. But recently, we have decided to give back to the communities of third world countries to combat hunger.

We are introducing a new option — “Degustation to Share” at Deer Duck Bistro. This feature is available for Short and Long course and includes a seven ($218) or nine ($258) course Degustation Experience for Two. In return, we will donate 2 meals to disadvantaged people for every ‘Degustation to Share’ purchased. 

*Dishes served are of doubled degustation sizes. Please note that we are happy to cater for any dietary requirements you may have.